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The 2004 Economic Development Strategic Planning Process

Sidebar to: Industry Clusters: Part of Indiana's Strategic Planning Toolkit

More so than with previous plans, this year’s effort makes a conscious attempt to include in the statewide process participation from those who are responsible for its eventual implementation. Advisory board members and staff from each of the 12 Commerce regions, as well as professionals from a wide array of state agencies and economic development entities across the state are participating in the process:

April – May 2004
• Retain consultants
• Form a steering committee and subcommittees
• Begin visits across the state

June – July 2004
• Data collection and analysis underway
• Launch website geared toward planning
• First series of meetings held throughout the state

August – September 2004
• Launch survey
• Additional regional meetings
• Complete regional and community SWOT analysis
• Complete statewide and area-wide SWOT reports and cluster analysis
• Reach a consensus on statewide and regional visions

October 2004
• Propose, discuss and adopt benchmarks
• Meet with subcommittees about strategies for economic drivers
• Meet with regions about strategies for economic drivers

November 2004
• Develop first draft of the statewide strategic plan
• Get draft of the statewide strategic plan vetted (two weeks)
• Discuss plan for continued intrastate coordination and tracking of performance
• Final version of statewide strategic plan completed

December 2004
• Complete regional plans and obtain adoption by all partners in each area
• Release statewide strategic plan
• Release regional plans