Know your labor market, start your job search: Resources for Job Seekers

Carol O. Rogers
Person sitting at laptop looking at the job seekers web page.

Hoosier job seekers have an exciting new resource at their disposal to aid in their job search.

A new resource on Indiana’s labor market information website, Hoosiers by the Numbers, is making its appearance this month. It aims to help Hoosier job seekers accomplish two primary goals:

  1. Learn about the types, quality and quantity of jobs available near them and within their region.
  2. Start actively searching and applying for jobs in Indiana.

The new Job Seekers Resources page gives job seekers the bigger picture of the job market in and around where they live (see the Workforce Economy Dashboard snippet pictured below), while also helping them consider how much those jobs pay compared to others they may qualify for … or could qualify for with some focused learning or even earning a certificate or two to upgrade their skills. 

A schreenshot of four items from the Workforce Economy Dashboard on Hoosiers by the Numbers: total non-farm jobs (SA), private sector jobs (SA), manufacturing jobs (SA) and unemployment rate (SA).

There are multiple resources that users can access at the tap of the screen, including the ability to talk with actual labor market analysts that cover each of the 12 regions of the state’s workforce development landscape.

Once the job seeker understands the bigger picture and is ready to get assistance, there are resources there that will walk them through the process of finding a job or locating training to upskill and get certifications. Notably, One Stop to Start is the latest navigator tool available that provides personalized assistance with job matching as well as pathways to upgrade skills. The other resource, Next Level Job, provides self-service options for job searching or skills training as well as career planning tools.

Find out more by going to the new Job Seekers Resources: