Who’s High-Tech?

The following occupations are defined as high-tech for the purposes of this article.

• Engineering, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Managers

• Metallurgists and Metallurgical, Ceramic, and Materials Engineers

• Chemical Engineers

• Agricultural Engineers

• Electrical and Electronic Engineers

• Computer Engineers

• Industrial Engineers, Except Safety

• Mechanical Engineers

• Marine Engineers

• All Other Engineers

• Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians and Technologists

• Industrial Engineering Technicians and Technologists

• Mechanical Engineering Technicians and Technologists

• All Other Engineering and Related Technicians and Technologists

• Physicists and Astronomers

• Chemists, Except Biochemists

• Atmospheric and Space Scientists

• Geologists, Geophysicists, and Oceanographers

• All Other Physical Scientists

• Foresters and Conservation Scientists

• Agricultural and Food Scientists

• Biological Scientists

• Medical Scientists

• All Other Life Scientists

• Biological, Agricultural, and Food Technicians and Technologists, Except Health

• Chemical Technicians and Technologists, Except Health

• Nuclear Technicians and Technologists

• Petroleum Technicians and Technologists

• All Other Physical and Life Science Technicians and Technologists

• Systems Analysts, Electronic Data Processing

• Data Base Administrators

• Computer Support Specialists

• Computer Programmers

• Computer Programmer Aides

• Programmers, Numerical Tool and Process Control

• All Other Computer Scientists

• Operations and Systems Researchers and Analysts, Except Computer

• Mathematical Scientists

• All Other Mathematical Scientists

• Mathematical Technicians

• Data Processing Equipment Repairers


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